Franchising Now and Then!

At the turn of the year 2020 we had one of the most upbeat business situations for a long time. A lot of executives expected that 2020 will be their strongest year ever in almost any kind of field. That enthusiasm included Franchise Companies and also our Franchise Consulting Firm, RK Franchise Consultancy, and pretty well the enthusiasm was killed by the virus.

Since 1995 the Franchise Industry grew every year without any interruption until Covid hit us, even political uncertainties and global factors did not affect us except this year. So, we had to adjust to it as well.

While the Pandemic is still ranging among us, some of us made good inventions and came up with businesses that cater particular to the situation and this can help stir business into a new direction and help sustain progress.

Examples are that Restaurants now operate from home-based kitchen, and even Franchising them to cater to take out and delivery. We even created a new style of Trademark Licensing and Operator Agreements for those businesses to differentiate them from the store-based franchisees. Of Corse the question is if they will be still be demand after the pandemic, if people will go out again or find the new found services so convenient that they will continue to prosper.

The Pandemic showed us also that the Milktea industry is not a fad and has staying power. Some of our clients in the Milktea sector made more money during the pandemic through deliveries and pickups than before the onset of Covid.

Logistic and booking app Companies are also ripe to License their services on a global basis and several of the app-based Companies can become a global brand if they wish to grow fast and expand their radius of business. We do them, as well as apps, through Licensing Arrangements.

As operator of the Franchise Expos we had to adjust as well and instead of doing our Franchise Expos live in Shopping mall we did all 3 events in 2020 virtual, the 4th Iloilo Franchise Expo, the 15th Mindanao Franchise Expo and the 21st Cebu Franchise Expo and I actually enjoyed doing the seminars for those events from my house instead of having to travel to the venues. Previously we had monthly seminars on Franchising in the seminar room of my office. Now we do the seminars monthly still, but on zoom with pants and shoes optional.

So, what will 2021 bring us? New Franchise and Licensing Opportunities and probably more first kind of businesses as we had this year and its good to develop new businesses into Franchises as it keeps us also alert on Development styles. We added also manuals for operating the business under the pandemic health protocols.

Expected that by second half of 2021 we can have live events again but I think my seminars will continue online, its more practical for my participants and also for me, no traffic in attending. So, to all readers a prosperous year 2021.