HR: Partners in Crisis

Businesses have been confronted with dramatic and drastic changes as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. It brought about unprecedented disruptions in the organization, teams and individuals.  With companies bravely navigating through this turbulence, Human Resource practitioners are actively partnering with leaders in crisis response and solving complex organizational problems. Business owners have to rely more than ever on their HR team.

HR is at the forefront steering through furloughs, layoffs, and reduction in workforce. They are leading the work-from-home arrangements or keeping the workplace safe. They are drafting emergency communication; making new policies and helping the employees adjust to the new normal.

The biggest issues that HR and leaders have to address together are Organization Productivity and Employee Engagement.

Business survival could depend on having a lean organization with high productivity composed of technology savvy individuals. Speed, flexibility, agility, and communication skills are needed to maneuver through the drastic changes. New mindsets, new way of doing things, innovation is needed to endure.


Organization design needs to be evaluated and adjusted in nanoseconds. Re-tooling of employees with new skills must be done at lightning speed. Dialogue on job expectations and continuous performance management has become an urgent intervention.

It is challenging to keep employees engaged while on remote locations or when they have to contend with personal crisis. Leaders have to deal with mental health issues of emotional isolation or self-created pressure. Keeping everyone on the same page is tough. Communication has become the greatest challenge as well as the ultimate solution.


One of the most immediate organizational responses in uncertain times is to strengthen the partnership with the Human Resource practitioners. More so for enterprises with no clear HR department, there is a pressing need to contend with HR issues as HR challenges abound during crisis. The best option therefore is to pay attention to it.