On the Fly

Many a professional or better, today’s billionaires say; listen to your gut; it’s what makes you succeed. And yet those in the academe will insist with diligent study without a working theory you are bound to fail. So which is it?

When you buy a car it can turn out to be a lemon regardless of the brand you perceive to be the best and yet with the F1 series specially crafted to run the fastest, in competition only one can win amongst the best.

In business especially with the banking industry there is no room for mistakes. So is it possible to make no mistakes? Even the Federal Reserve in the US of A, and its men and women of upmost integrity working as a guide to steer the worlds economy make mistakes. If it didn’t we would never have experienced economic downturns and recessions. Maybe those crazy enough to defy the rules are correct, Kim Jun Ung is still around and keeping is nuclear arsenal in the face of the worlds damnation.

You need not be a rocket scientist to generate a profit. The peanut vendor is happy as he succeeds to generate a profit after a hard days work and that is in spite of his personal choice of where to sell his goods. A casino owner/ proprietor can easily lose billions in scams with ingenious theft. You can easily lose your corporation (mind you) with a single stroke of forgery utilizing no less the Securities and Exchange Commission by simply filing a General Information Sheet and should you file legal cases you end up in court with an interpleader which by the way is all legal but to suffer decades in court.

What is legal and what is academic are not necessarily what is called sure fire. Franchising for example are not guaranteed business ventures. It takes capital, determination and discipline on behalf of the franchisee and most important of all, luck.

The problem however is we cannot hedge on luck. We can’t buy it, we can’t influence it, we can’t even study it, much less foresee it. Now, turning to fate and praying for deliverance is not necessarily the answer. And if it was your lotto tickets will make you the millionaire.

I guess the question should be; are you already successful or are you still trying. A friend once told me; “you are if you only knew already there”. Philosophical as it sounds vague it makes life sound like you live it on the fly. And why not!