It is said that should you not take the plunge when the door of opportunity opens, the moment is lost forever. However true this may sound the bigger problem is the ability to identify the opportunity that presents itself. How are we to know what is “opportunity” if we are not ready to see beyond the basic door made of wood or what have you, if one cannot visualize or comprehend what it is that is good for us other than the physical presentation of money that is flaunted by the rich as if we would even know how to handle money itself.

I suppose the real issue is the ability to understand money, success and ergo; opportunity. To be able to generate it, if not attract opportunity is where it begins. Networking is the daily effort that comes to play and yet most people do not even recognize it. Then there is the objective that is not strategized over the physical display of success. The physical display of riches is none other than ego which cannot be measured other than perception many thinks is the end in itself when in reality is only the beginning.

Success is defines as the attainment of popularity or profit. But which is it when the two are not necessarily one. Is popularity even a consideration other than a perception seen either way only to remain poor if not miserable?

All this sounds complicated for sure if not miserably confusing, this is life and each one of us have different perceptions on what comes our way. This is the reason why capital or money to invest is ground zero towards any potential to create money or start-up a profitable business. So, where and when does the door of opportunity come our way. Academic propositions or what we call the theoretical remain just that, a study with consequential outcomes but without guarantees. Given the proposals one is confronted with; how are we to know which is favorable and profitable.

The answer to theoretical propositions is how one is to manage the opportunity presented. For example; franchise potentials are just what they are, potentials. What makes them profitable and successful is how one manages business you have invested in. It is not enough you stay home and not participate and wait for profits. It is your participation, your management, and your presence that makes a business succeed. Opening that door of opportunity starts with you personally and with your determination to succeed. When failure is not an option success is in the offing. Most do not realize that potential or what we call the opened door of opportunity is all about you. Nobody else!

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