Sourcing Talent

With entrepreneurship we all need to hire people to compose the staff we can call our organization, our company, etc. And unless you can source staff you can work with you will have nothing to offer by way of service. In manufacturing it may be different but not entirely so. Poor, incompetent and worse untrustworthy staff can only aggravate your production if not cause you detriment. So how are we to source talent?

I lesson I learned in my early years as an entrepreneur was that talent varies and does not necessarily come with papers, meaning a certification, an education and even an endorsement. If anything all these can be a nuisance. There was this hawker stall near my office that sold pork chops along the street. Beside him there were another three hawkers all selling only pork chops as well.  But this one peculiar hawker generated all the smoke and cornered all the customers along the street. All the prices were competitive with somewhat the same ingredients and with the same portions. Why, I wondered. It’s like hiring a gardener with a “hot” pair of hands that keep killing the plants. And yet I would feel the gardener’s hands and feel no heat.

An academic background helps but most of the time can be a deterrent towards the talent you require. As an entrepreneur you won’t have the money or the time to gamble on incompetence. So the puzzle continues…

When sourcing talent I’ve learned that before you begin to hire staff, you yourself, as the entrepreneur needs to know what it is you require. Imagine hiring a cook when you know nothing about cooking. Imagine a gardener to service your clients’ needs when you yourself never had a garden.

An entrepreneur needs to be a jack of all trades simply because you will not have a screening crew to advise you. When I started as an entrepreneur I had to learn for myself what it was I wanted to serve. It is imperative to know the product well and from there identify talent that can do it better for you. There are other functions you need to attend to as the entrepreneur.

This is where franchising becomes relevant; you will get all the support needed to make you successful. However should you require the franchise to do it all, it would be best if you put your money in the bank instead and let the bank do all the work? But what if the bank closes and you remained ignorant as to why this happened to you? It’s like an absentee father, an absentee operator, and absentee entrepreneur, and with that being the case it may be best to stay absent altogether, don’t you think?