Traits of a Successful Franchise part 1

Some things just go well together: black and white, an umbrella on a rainy day, and money in your pocket. And then there are things that work best together like milk and cookies, falling in love with the right person, and a franchised business with loyal paying customers.
Business franchises like McDonald’s and Jollibee are successful not because the food is amazing (although that helps), but because they consistently create loyal paying customers.

Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Disney, and BMW all have loyal paying customers. The strength of their brand comes from the strength of their business. Jollibee has over 1,200 stores worldwide with a presence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, North America, Italy, and the UK in London. In 2018, they posted a net prof-it of P8.32 billion where they opened 502 stores in a single year. McDonald’s on the other hand has more than 37,800 outlets in 119 countries worldwide and P310.2 billion net profit for 2018 alone and is said to have opened 1,000 new stores for that same year.

Being able to create loyal paying customers consistently should be the goal of every franchisor because it allows any brand to compete while maintaining growth andprofitability.

Here are some things that can help you create loyal paying customers:

1. Personality. People like dealing with people. If the way you behave looks scripted, it probably is. Add seasoning to your interactions. Avoid sounding like a machine. Adding a little humanity goes a long way.

2. Reflect. Treat customers as if they were you. List all of the things that make you special as a person and then do these things for your customers. By sharing what makes you happy, you make others happy.

3. Empower. Turn everyone inside your company into your brand ambassador. Start by treating the people who work with you with respect and the rest will follow. Empowered people empower others.

4. Extract. Treat every consumer issue as if it were a toothache. Do everything in your power to remove the problem but do it as painless as possible. You can give a sweet reward after the procedure too.

5. Learn from your peers. Copy what works and crucify what doesn’t. How does Starbucks treat their customers? Write down the steps. How do failing brands fail? Write them down and avoid them like the plague.

6. Select. What are you the absolute best at? Now who cares? Demonstrate your superpower with conviction. Choose the audience who wants it the most. Narrow your performance to the critical few who are willing to pay.

7. Shine. Create meaningful interactions that are warm and one of a kind. Think outside the typical transaction. Send a birthday cake. Send a handwritten note. Send flowers for no reason at all.

8. Obsess. Map out the customer journey to your brand and solve every pain point. Think of how your business could get sick, identify the reasons on how that happened, then prepare the medicine before its even needed.

9. Bloom. Treat every customer as a plant that you have to nurture and blossom. Customers need a stable environment to grow into. Only harvest for yourself if the relationship is bearing fruit and never before. Above all, be patient.

If you need a coach for your brand, just text or call Godmother at 0915-5648877 or email Gen Millare is the CEO of Godmother Philippines, a brand support agency that helps SME’s brand independently.