What do we do with people we can’t predict? We lock them up or we avoid them. The reason is simple: unpredictable people cannot be trusted. Unpredictable people do not play by the same rules, and in essence they cannot be held accountable for anything.

In the same way, a successful business franchise must have a level of predictability so that people around it know what to expect. If we want a decent sandwich we go to McDonald’s. If we want new books, we go to Fully Booked. If we want clean rest rooms while shopping, we go to an Ayala Mall.

People need predictability in their lives because the opposite (randomness) just doesn’t work. We expect the lights to stay on everyday. We expect the pizza to be good when its cold. We expect a cheerful cashier and so on. We expect things to behave like the way they’re supposed to behave or in other words, we want things to behave normally.

Before McDonald’s, food service was normally slow. Before Starbucks, baristas normally didn’t care. Predictability in any industry becomes the norm or the standard unto which businesses are measured. So in your business, what are the things that people normally expect?


Here are some things that can help you create predictability in your business:


  1. Be consistent. Be the same identity everywhere. Use brand guidelines for your logo.
  2. Always ask if what you are doing is part of the norm.
  3. Make sure every little detail is the same at every branch.
  4. Sight & Smell. Have the same signature scent, same lighting, same look.
  5. Your staff and your store must sound-off in the same way.
  6. Pick something positive from your identity and exaggerate consistently.
  7. Be known for something and use that as a differentiator.
  8. Ask customers what they would like to be changed in your service and why.
  9. Fix the basics before you innovate.
  10. Standardize. Check the standards in the industry and use those that help you.


If you need help with your franchise, or if you need a coach for your brand, just text or call Godmother at 0915-5648877 or email Gen Millare is the CEO of Godmother Philippines, a brand support agency that helps SME’s brand independently.

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